Hi Survivor

We will provide some tools that we build and helped in our progress. 

The first tool we publish is Ark Route, an application capable of planning and showing the best route between artifacts notes and dossiers
You can use the path suggestion to complete the Artifact Archaeologist and Veteran Paleontologist achievements. But you can also use it to always keep the XP bonus while playing.

I hope this site can help with your development.

If you like, share with your friends :) 

Release Notes

2017-06-18  V0.4 
          Improved presentation of data.
          New functionality. Local saving of completed items [Testing. May not work on all browsers]

2017-06-11  V0.3 
          Updating the Database.
           Ark version 258.0  - Released - 30 May, 2017.

2017-04-27  V0.2 
          Now the list of Notes and Artifacts in ArkRoute show different colors for Caves and Underwater Caves

2017-04-01  V0.1 
           Ark version 256.0  - Released - March 31, 2017.